January 11, 2013

VLC's Brass Rubbings

Over the past summer, I finally started to go through and study the collection of brass rubbings made my mother during our stay in England in the early '70s. Naturally, I couldn't just jot down my research in a notebook - I had to put together a web site: http://vlcb.netrc.com . The basics are all there: a page showing each rubbing, info on the brass itself, and a description of the church, including a map of the church locations. And various writeups I'm putting together trying to make sense of it all.

There's a lot more work to do and much of the text and commentary is just fragments. But if I waited until it was all polished, who knows when that would be. It's fascinating that these days there are digitized texts of old books describing the brasses, and plenty of amateur photos of the brasses and churches, all on-line. That makes the research somewhat easier, though I've lots of work left to do. (E.g. I really need to make new pictures of many of the rubbings; the first bunch of pics have bad lighting, etc.)

Anyway, of course there's a site blog along with RSS feed. I'll be posting most updates there.

All in all, the collection is intriguing and quite a legacy from my mother. Enjoy! Posted by netrc at January 11, 2013 04:48 PM