May 08, 2013

2013 TV

Game of Thrones (soundtrack)

Game of Thrones (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My random thoughts on current tv:

I've stopped watching Mad Men; just too boring. Loved the first couple seasons, but the soap opera and biz scenarios are just boring to me now. I did just read that the last episode was supposed to be fantastic - don't care. Some of the series creators also did The Soprano's and I have the same problem here as I did there: The show just doesn't mean anything. And even worse than "The Sopranos", which was slightly about modern society, "Mad Men" seeks to critique not only the now but also the past. Yet the characters flop around from one flaw to another, whatever is needed to move to the next scene. It's all very cool and observational. Worse, this year we're getting more flashbacks to "explain" Don Draper's immorality. Still, as with the other series, the acting and design are impeccable. But that's not enough to keep me interested anymore.

While "The Bachelor" was running a couple months ago, I was kicked out of the family room for (I'm told) inappropriate comments, and with nothing to watch (and I rarely have enough time to watch a complete movie), I started to watch Game of Thrones on video-on-demand. ("video-on-demand" will soon be a phrase like "dial the phone", a technical term that shows its age). I ripped through the previous two seasons in a couple weeks. Overblown, fantastical, silly, over acted, etc, etc. So now, I'm happy to be caught up and watching season three. I can't imagine what the books are like - and I can barely keep track of the seemingly infinite families, tribes, cities, and armies. But this is miles ahead of "Mad Men" in terms of narrative drive - and thank god! (Though, perhaps "Mad Men" would better for me as a novel?). Great theme music too. It's often difficult for the series to have a coherent episode what with all the plot arcs, but the most recent show, culminating in the wonderful "Chaos is a Ladder" soliloquy, was great. Except no dragons!

Finally, the best show I've been watching is Donald Kagan's online course lectures on Greek history. He's vastly informed and even-handed in these historical reviews, and his presentation skills are nicely engaging and light-hearted. A brilliant exegesis.

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