February 05, 2014

Software Release

IMDB on the iPhone - Top 250 Movies list

IMDB on the iPhone - Top 250 Movies list (Photo credit: DanieVDM)

I'm a big fan of the Internet Movie Database. As you know, they tabulate ratings and publish the top 250. While the ratings are of course subjective, it's a fun list. I've put up a web site that digs in to this data a different way, finding out the directors with the highest average movie rating. To make sense of this, you get to input a minimum number of movies and also a minumum number of votes per movie, so as to (if you care to) weed out someone who made a film that only got rated by their friends. Anyway, the site is up, at http://bestdirectors.netrc.com/. (If you care, it's node.js running on heroku for now. I'm working on adding some additional text and graphs to show more info about the data).

And, one more: I've written a little chrome extension to help navigate web sites. If you can't find a button or nav-bar to work your way up a level or two or more in the URL pathname, this extension provides a button in your Chrome browser and pops up a list of all possible upward paths. Hope you find it useful. See "Up Url" in the Chrome extension store.

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