May 03, 2011


The Navy Seals Foundation -

Special Operations Warrior Foundation -

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September 07, 2007


The City That Never Sleeps....looking out the office window (not my office, which is a closet off of the back room of a real office) I saw this SPIDER-LIKE-VESSEL cruising around Governor's Island. But I'm a New Yorker now, and if I paused to point out every weird, wacky, item I saw out my windows, I'd be exhausted.
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October 17, 2006


Our beloved Detroit Tigers are back in the MLB World Series. Cause for joy indeed. One small complaint - all the facile sports announcers talking about how important it is for Detroit, as they haven't had a champion in 22 years. Well, sure if all you're talking about is baseball. Don't forget Detroit has won the NBA title in 1989, '90, and '94, and the NHL title in '97, '98, and '2002.

In fact, Detroit is one of the winningest cities in the United States:

city MLB NFL NHL NBA total
New York 34 3 8 2 47
Boston 7 3 5 16 31
Montreal 0 0 23 0 23
Detroit 4 0 10 3 17
Los Angeles 6 1 0 9 16
Chicago 5 1 3 6 15

Per capita, or per urban GDP, this is even more impressive. Full details at this Google spreadsheet . (N.B. that this tracks cities and not franchises, that is, Brooklyn Dodgers are a NY team while LA Dodgers are LA. Also, we gave the New England Patriots to Boston as a gesture of goodwill after the Red Sox placed 3rd (out of 5) in their division this year.)

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October 11, 2006

Jury Duty

I'm on jury duty for criminal court this week. Not much to do until I'm actually called for a jury panel. I did in fact get on one panel but have been dismissed. When you're on the panel, the judge, defense, and the district attorney question you as to your qualification. Paramount is one's ability to be fair to the defendent.

Among the questions asked, is 'Do you have any intellectual, religious, or other belief that would mean you can't make a fair judgement in this case?"

The guy to my left said, "Well, my thesis written for my Doctorate in Philosophy concerned the relationship between authority and the law, about how power and its abuses are manifested in our legal system."

The judge asked, "Would you have any problem accepting my rulings or instructions?"

"Oh, no," said the man. I presume his doctorate concerned how to kowtow to power.

When it was my turn, I simply said I'd have no problem being fair.

The guy to my right said, "Well, I have some intellectual concerns...."

"And they are?" asked the judge.

"It would take some time to discuss. Basically, we live in an oppressive society that creates poverty; this is manifested throughout our political, legal, and social fabric. I would have trouble finding a defendent guilty for actions which arise out of our repressive culture...[etc]...."

We were all three excused.

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May 19, 2006

Banking Melodies

A cute column equating investment banks with pop-music bands: Bloomberg's Mark Gilbert, 12 May 2006

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February 21, 2006

Snow Days

Sunday 12 February 2006 was apparently the snowiest day in NYC history - some 26" fell on Central Park. Here are a couple pics from the Upper West Side:

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February 16, 2006

Celebrity Sightings

For what it's worth... our ongoing list of celebrity sightings. (N.B. These are real sightings as opposed to professional encounters e.g. for business or at live theater)

Latest Update

4/2007 - Elvis Costello and Diana Krall at Time-Warner Jazz

11/2006 - Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer - running in Central park
7/2006 - Keanau Reeves (79th & Columbus) - eating outside at "North"
7/2006 - Bryant Gumbel (83rd & Columbus) (Why the heck is an East-Sider like Gumbel walking North on Columbus on a Saturday afternoon??)
5/2006 - Terry O'Quinn (from "Lost") (CPW & 70)
4/2006 - Katie Couric (running on the bridal path at the Resevoir)
4/2006 - Robin Williams (on cell phone at Columbus Circle)
3/2006 - Kevin Bacon (89th & CPW)
2/2006 - Laurence Fishburne (shopping at TW Center)
1/2006 - Peter Weller (B'way & 81st)
12/2005 - Hugh Hefner (at Spamalot)
6/1995 - John McMartin (at the Parlour, many times)
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March 22, 2005

New Beginnings

Along with other changes this year, I've just left Deutsche Bank after seven years. It's been a fantastic job; I can only hope that my next venture will be as productive, educational, and satisfying.

I'll post more news of my future plans soon.

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June 22, 2004

Running With Fire

We saw the Olympic torch pass through NYC. This was on Central Park West at 63rd Street...

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April 10, 2004


Serendipity.....I passed by Steven Spielberg on Broadway this evening. Later, after a brilliant dinner at Roth's, I finished the night by watching Empire of the Sun.


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